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The Cages Club baseball is now taking tryouts for teams 14U 2021-2022 season

The Cages Baseball Academy is now taking tryout reservations for its teams 14U for the upcoming 2022-2022  Fall/Spring seasons. To start, click on the registration tab above and complete the registration (no charge for this).  After registering please contact Mike Flynn at for information on times and locations for the tryouts.  Or you can call or text him at 602-358-3038.

The Cages Baseball Club

Welcome to The Cages Baseball Club!  The Cages Baseball Club (TCBBC) is a brand new club team for baseball players ages 8-13 who are looking to not only improve their game, but do so in a way no other team offers.  TCBBC will offer it's players an opportunity to quicken their development by combining outstanding coaching, regular field practice, continuous strength and agility training, and access to an indoor training facility that guarantees everyone gets plenty of one-on-one instruction.  

For answers to your questions, please see our FAQ tab.  If you still have questions, please feel free to email Baseball Club Coordinator Ryan Frankel or Coach Mike Flynn at the  contact below.

Organization President Mike Flynn; "We're doing it different."

The Cages Baseball Club wants to help develop your player as both an athlete and a young person by reinforcing your work as parents to instill respect, teamwork, discipline, work ethic and all the other important things we want in our children.  We think keeping a team together over time can solidify relationships and improve success. 

However, does it always make sense for a player to play for the same coach year after year as a developing young athlete? 


In each year of school, different teachers offer our children different teaching styles, perspectives, etc, and our kids benefit from such differentiation as they learn.  We strive to do the same here.  While our teams will stay together season after season, we will give them an opportunity to benefit from a new coach each season, thus exposing them to different coaches (teachers) and their coaching (teaching) styles. 

Let's face it, most families change teams because  1) Lack of playing time or "out of position", or 2) Disagreement with the coach(es) over, well, anything. 

When we change teams the player is the one who has to deal with fitting into the new team (and not necessarily getting to play the position they want), and the stress that goes with it.  Parents now foot the bill for new uniforms, dues and other up front costs. Our thought is that rather than leave a team and start over, why not let the kid stay with his/her team/friends and get a chance at a fresh look with a new coach the next season?  Same organization, uniform, etc, just a new start without the stress of "trying out" for a new team and hoping it will be better than before.

As a youth coach for over 20 years, I agree there is value to what good coaches have to offer over several seasons, and player/coach relationships are important.  We don't want to diminish that, but increase young players' knowledge base through getting their instruction from different, albeit knowledgeable coaches.  Our coaches will always be available to the players both past, present and future.

Make sense?  Give me a call at the number below or email me at to find out more.

Thank you,

Coach Mike

Owner, The Cages Training Facility and The Cages Baseball Club

Contact Mike Flynn

Rip City BBC

Phone: 602-358-3038

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Are you an organization with one or two teams looking for more opportunity?

The Cages, in addition to growing teams organically, would like to extend a welcome to any team or organizations that are looking to expand its resource base.  If you find that coaching a club team is rewarding and exciting, but don't necessarily like the administrative grind that goes along with it, let The Cages take over the "not so fun" part of club baseball.  By bringing your team(s) into our organization, you can focus your efforts on coaching the team.  We'll take over scheduling practice fields, entering leagues or tournaments, insurance, collecting dues, ordering uniforms and all the other "stuff" that can be a headache, leaving you to run practices and games. 

Furthermore, if you like, you can bring your team identity with you.  Keep your team name.  Keep your colors.  You've worked to establish your teams and we don't want to change that.   You'll also be able to take advantage of and use our brand new 13,000 sq ft indoor professional grade training facility located in Phoenix at 12325 N. Cave Creek Rd. For more information, please visit 

In addition, you're players will have the opportunity to work under the tutelage  of our new Baseball Club Coordinator, Ryan Frankel, a former college baseball player and currently an Area Scouts Evaluator.  Ryan will oversee the entire  club organization and bring his experience and opportunity to all players. For more information on what Area Scouts is and how it can benefit you, please visit and reach out to Ryan directly for guidance. 

For more information, contact Ryan Frankel at or Mike Flynn at

Updates & News

Team gets excited late

On Saturday morning, the Rip City Grey team rallied from 5 runs down in the bottom of the sixth inning to scrape out a win.  Eli Conditt delivered the walk off single with two outs and two strikes to seal the win vs Old Scottsdale Youth Baseball.  The win evens the series between the two teams at 1-1.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Rip City Baseball and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Rip City Baseball and support youth in your area.